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Outer Banks Tree Service - Albemarle Landscapes and Tree Service on the Outer Banks, is a locally owned lawn and tree care business on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

Established in 2008, we specialize in landscape design, lawn and tree care, maintenance, and removal, as well as any other yard maintenance needs that may arise. We have the expert landscaping staff and equipment to handle any job from planting or removing a tree, to clearing a lot, and anything in between. Our professional landscape designers are fully bonded and insured, so you rest assured that when you call us, the job will get done right!


Our team of experts offer solutions to any landscaping or tree project. Contact us today to discuss your next project at (252) 715-5888.

outer banks tree servicesOuter Banks Tree Service

We understand the unique habitat and environment that we have here in Dare and Currituck Counties, and we use that knowledge to offer a variety of tree service and tree care options. Our professionally trained landscaping and tree care experts can help you pick the right tree for your yard, plant and mulch it correctly, and provide all of the tree maintenance required for a healthy and beautiful yard. We specialize in tree trimming and pruning, and also have the equipment on hand for expert tree removal, stump grinding and chipping. We can even clear a lot, wiping the slate clean so that you can implement your own tree and landscape design ideas. Outer Banks Tree Service

Outer Banks Landscaping Service

Whether you own a house, cottage, or condo, proper lawn care and landscaping can go a long way to beautify your yard and home, and can even increase the property value. Lawn care and services mean a lot more than mowing the lawn, and our expert landscape design team takes pride in providing a customized recommendation to you that may include mulch, stones, plants, or even hardscapes, like walkways and other yard enhancements. Due to the unique weather and climate on the Outer Banks, many residents opt for irrigation systems and land stabilization. Whatever your landscape or lawn care needs, we look forward to turning your yard into a masterpiece! Outer Banks Landscaping Service